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EOS Additive Manufacturing provides designers with unlimited freedom of design. It is suitable for rapid prototyping as well as allowing product variants to be manufactured cost- efficiently in serial production using high-quality materials.

Fashion is a medium in human culture to express an individual’s uniqueness. In the past, this freedom of expression maybe limited by traditional methods of producing fashion pieces like jewellery, couture attire, etc.

Through our subsidiary 3D designer platform, we have alot of experience collaborating with designers to create fashionable lifestyle pieces. Below are examples of such pieces:

Designer, Paul Zhu draws influence from the Mobius Strip – a surface with only one side and only one boundary, inspires Paul’s Mobius Collection. Using the same formula, several different patterns were produced to complement the contours and silhouettes of the female face well.”

Mobius Collection:

Designer, Kevin Yu Jui Chou saw the opportunity with low volume production and customization abilities with additive manufacturing and fashion. As a result, Kevin decided to re-design a staple in men’s high-fashion, the Signature Bow Tie.

Finally, we have our collaboration with teacher & designer, Zamama Yung-Ling Tseng. AM manufacturing’s layer by layer production and high degree of freedom of design allowed Zamama to produce unique pieces only possible through additive manufacturing.

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