Architects and designers now have access to larger and more capable additive manufacturing equipment to explore how to translate their virtual 3D BIM models to an actual 3D printed product that can be used in the construction of buildings.

Now architects are able to have their ideas full conceptualized no matter how complex their design may be. Additive manufacturing has definitely shifted the paradigm of how buildings should be constructed. 3D printing allows for innovative design that transcends conventional ideas. For example, walls, columns & basic foundation are no longer flat, solid pieces. Instead you can have walls reinforced with optimised insulation design.

We have vast experience dealing with this industry and have the honour of dealing with architect design from the likes of Zaha Hadid & other works from all around the world.

Case Studies:

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Zaha Hadid x DCT

Architects – Global Design Laboratory Exhibition  Check out our beautiful collaboration project of architectural models by world renowned, Zaha Hadid. It…