Additive manufacturing is affecting the design industry in a many ways from innovation to more efficient product production. Major brands like Nike, Under Armour, New Balance, Bosch, etc. are realizing how 3D printing can turn ideas into practical functional prototypes. On top of that 3D printing can go where traditional methods cannot go. Without the limitations of traditional method’s parameters allows for innovative design driven products, instead of products made within traditional method’s limitation.


From creating products within traditional manufacturing limitations to more a design driven focus, as 3D printing exceeds many of the limits found in traditional manufacturing. This allows for innovation and creates many new trends in the industry like bio mimicry, 4D application & reverse engineering.


Products are now able to be customer specific thanks to 3D printing / 3D scanning. For example, athlete’s sports equipment is able to be custom fitted without trading off in performance. In fact, in some respects, 3D printing increases performance because items like footwear, helmet, padding, etc. are all comfortably fitted to the user.

Time to market

In the past, product design would take months or years for a product to reach the market. 3D printing shortens that time with the ability to allow for complex design in fully functional prototypes. Additive manufacturing is no longer just for industry use but also able to create consumer products. For example, companies like DC for Life collaborate with designers to use EOS facilities & wide range of materials to create home décor, fashion pieces and lighting décor.

Case Studies

1000 557 Digital-Can Tech


EOS Additive Manufacturing provides footwear designers with unlimited freedom of design. It is suitable for rapid prototyping as well as…

1000 557 Digital-Can Tech


EOS Additive Manufacturing provides designers with unlimited freedom of design. It is suitable for rapid prototyping as well as allowing…

1000 557 Digital-Can Tech

DC for Life x 2015 Creative Expo Taiwan

DC for Life was invited to 2015 Creative Expo Taiwan to demonstrate industrial 3D printing in the realm of product…