DC for Life x 2015 Creative Expo Taiwan

DC for Life x 2015 Creative Expo Taiwan

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DC for Life was invited to 2015 Creative Expo Taiwan to demonstrate industrial 3D printing in the realm of product design.

In 2015, we were invited to attend Taiwan’s Creative Expo Taiwan. This expo was the first step for their preparations for World Design Capital 2016. Under a tight scheduling, we invited around 15 of Taiwan’s designers to join us to create 3d printed products to demonstrate 3D printings capabilities to create high-end sophisticated products for the market.


Given a span of 2 -3 months, we initiated plans to try to create a minimum of 10 products in time for the exhibition. Our goal was not only to create products for the exhibition but create pieces that cannot be replicated unless it was using 3d printing technology.

We initiated a brainstorming meeting to help begin the product development process. After the ideating process, designers were encouraged to submit ideas and/or test the printer’s parameters. We set a 2-week deadline for the first phase of the product development.

Second stage, we began product development. Upon receiving their ideas, we helped test areas that may cause some problem during the printing process. During this portion of the process, constant communication between the designer & the 3d modeller is vital to help speed up the process. A combination of our 3d modelling expertise service & prototype testing was necessary for making sure the build process was efficient as possible.

Third stage is the demo/testing phase. This step is vital to see if the idea/concept can become a reality. Can our idea really become a consumer product? If not, we return to product development stage. During this stage many of the concepts/designs were filtered out. From the 15 designers, we narrowed down to 11 designers.

Final stage is creating the product. In the end, with the 11 designers we were able to create 24 different products. They included products varying from lighting décor (3), fashion pieces (9), stationery products (7), phone accessories (3) & home décor (2). Through our 3d printing services & consultation we were able to collaborate with designers and produce 24 magnificent pieces in the span of 2 -3 months.