Additive Manufacturing Leaders in Taiwan

Nadcap, AS9100, ISO9001, ISO13485 and TUV10998 certificated

Digital-Can Tech (DCT) has nearly twenty years of experience in the Additive Manufacturing (also known as industrial 3D printing) in Taiwan. Aside from being experts in additive manufacturing, DCT are also agent / distributors for EOS Additive Manufacturing Facilities , Trumpf’s Laser Metal Deposition Technology and Sigma Labs PrintRite3D® .

Additive Manufacturing can be applied to a variety of industries such as aerospace applications, medical applications, tooling, industrial manufacturing 4.0 applications, architecture, product design, automotive design and lifestyle applications. Providing 3D printing specific services like proofing, model validation and model making is essential for additive manufacturing. With our variety of facilities and materials & top notch customer service, DCT is a one stop shop for your additive manufacturing needs. Furthermore, we can also provide 3D scanning & 3D printing consultation services.

With the intention of becoming a one stop shop for aerospace additive manufacturing, DCT is AS9100, ISO9001, ISO13485, TUV10998, QMS and Nadcap certificated. Digital-Can Tech Co., Ltd. is the fifth company in the world to receive Nadcap Additive Manufacturing, furthering establishing ourselves as Taiwan’s largest metal additive manufacturing center.

Company vision, mission, core values and business philosophy…


To become one of the world’s leading one-stop shop additive manufacturing firm.


To become Taiwan’s metal additive manufacturing leader and promote Taiwan’s additive manufacturing industry.


Integrity, Innovation, Integration, Perserve


Quality – Efficiency & consistency in providing high quality/complex products

Fast – Efficient & rapid production services

Professionalism – Nearly twenty years in advanced technology expertise to provide

Green Energy – Lightweight, energy saving experiences for product development


“Quality first, one AM machine for same metallurgical family.” is our policy.

  • Follow through on quality control, in order to obtain highly commendable product.
  • Provide customers with top notch quality product.
  • Professional, proactive, and always looking to serve our customers to the best we can.
  • Raise the level of customer satisfaction.

DCT also has a subsidiary company, DC for Life. DC for Life is a platform where we collaborate with designers & artists to create beautiful 3D printed products not possible to be recreated through traditional means. In addition to being an e-commerce platform, DC for Life’s goal is to demonstrate 3D printing as a new medium & a new paradigm for product design.

Digital-Can Tech Milestones

DCT is at Taiwan’s forefront in additive manufacturing industry. Not only do we provide nearly twenty years in experience for industrial 3D printing & rapid prototyping – we are also agents for Germany’s EOS AM Technology, Trumpf’s LMD Machinery and Sigma Labs PrintRite3D®. Last but not least, we are proud to be one of Taiwan’s largest additive manufacturing centres.

  • 2002

    The Evolution of Digital-Can Tech

    Initial contact with RP (Rapid Prototype) and established business unit focusing on RP, also first to commission Sony SCS optical laser equipment.

  • 2003

    The Founding of Digital-Can Tech

    A divested subsidiary of Utrun Tech.

  • 2004


    Fully Operational

    DCT went fully operational on July 1st, 2004. We provide designers the ability to sample, build prototypes, and confirm models. Essentially a complete one-stop service provider for interested designers.

  • 2004

    OCTOBER 31

    The Installation of SCS-8000

    SCS-8000 installed, and completed set up with adjustment by Nov. 5th.

  • 2006

    APRIL 13

    The Installation of SCS-8100

    SCS-8100 installed.

  • 2006

    APRIL 06 - APRIL 09

    TAIPEI AMPA 2006

    Participated in 2006 Taipei AMPA, hosted by Foreign Trade Ministry, at Nangang Exhibition Hall and World Trade Center in Taipei.

  • 2006

    JULY 06

    Digital-Can Tech’s New Home

    Relocate to our new factory at Austrian Technology Center on July 6th, 2006.

  • 2006

    OCTOBER 03

    Taipei Dome Model Commissioned

    Implemented the world’s most advanced RP optical laser technology, which allowed for traditional 2D architectural image to be transferred into 3D STL file. Then using the Sony SCS RP optical laser machine to churn out a perfect silhouette of the Taipei Dome in two days.

  • 2006

    OCTOBER 25

    Materialise – Mimics Represented

    First to begin representing Materialise – Mimics from Belgium.

  • 2006


    Biological Engineering Technology Seminar

    Participated in 2006 Biological Engineering Technology Seminar at Taiwan University.

  • 2006


    Fu-Wei II Model Commissioned

    The National Space Center commissioned DCT to begin producing small batch of Fu-Wei II models.

  • 2007


    EOS Additive Manufacturing Equipment from Germany Represented

    EOS from Germany is widely considered to be a world class additive manufacturing equipment supplier. Applying its patented Powder Bed Fusion technology, which can be adapted by various metals or high grade plastic materials, EOS effectively becomes your most sophisticated yet highly efficient additive manufacturing solution.

  • 2007


    ISB International Medical Seminar

    Participated in 2007 ISB at Taipei International Conference Hall.

  • 2011


    Introducing Taiwan’s first metal additive manufacturing equipment – EOS M280

    First to introduce EOS M280 laser metal additive manufacturing equipment, which allows for the use of maraging steel powder, and provided revolutionary Rapid Tooling, therefore successfully produced Taiwan’s first conformal cooling tooling.

  • 2013

    Taiwan’s first 3D printing collaboration with international team, models commissioned for the renowned global movie hit by director Ang Lee – The Life of Pi

    DCT was instrumental in developing the junk boat model in the movie The Life of Pi. Using the 3D printing technology, their art design team was able to recreate the set with models of various characters within the movie, then supplemented with computer generated graphics to provide the finishing touch, which allows for the transformation from reality to virtual reality 3D animation.

  • 2013

    MAY 21

    The Installation of EOS P395 Nylon Equipment

    First to introduce EOS P395 powder sintering equipment, which utilizes PA2200 nylon materials, and allows for unlimited creativity in commercial types of models.

  • 2013

    JUNE 05 - AUGUST 17

    CAE Molding Seminar 2013

    The 24th Annual CAE Molding Conference 2013 Tour.

  • 2013

    JUNE 18 - JUNE 20

    Photoelectric Show of 2013

    Participated in 2013 Photoelectric Show in Taipei at Nangang Exhibition Hall, during which the German made EOS P395 laser sintering equipment was on full display.

  • 2013


    「DC For Life 」- Taiwan’s first designers dream platform, was established

    DC for Life, a 3D printing platform for professional designers and artists to experiment and visualize their dream designs, was officially online.

  • 2013


    The Future Is Here – 3D Printing Design Show

    DCT’s collaboration with 20 designers from across the industry was on full display at Songshan Cultural Park by providing 3D printing solution to assist in generating new creative ideas. The ultimate goal was to break the boundary of traditional manufacturing concept, in order to allow for new creativity to take center stage.

  • 2013


    EMEX at Suzhou in China 2013

    Participated in EMEX at Suzhou in China, where works of 30 plus designers from Taiwan were on full display through the help of 3D printing technology.

  • 2014

    FEBRUARY 06 - MARCH 12

    The Future Is Here – 3D printing design show

    DCT in collaboration with SHINKONG MITSUKOSHI to host design shows at SHINKONG MITSUKOSHI in Tainan.

  • 2014


    E=DC Design Concept and Trend Seminar

    Participated in E=DC Design Concept and Trend Seminar hosted by Taiwan Innovation Center. Focused on new trends and technology and how they would apply to brands. Shared most up-to-date technology in 3D printing both in services and applications. Explored through potential integration within marketing and designs to formulate a new business model for brands.

  • 2014

    APRIL 01

    Termination of partnership with Belgium’s Materialise - Mimics

    Due to Materialise – Mimics’ adjustment in its own global marketing strategy, DCT had to terminate its status as an agent for Materialise – Mimics.

  • 2014


    The 13th Annual Taiwan International Creative Design Competition in 2014

    In cooperation with Taiwan Innovation Center to co-host Taiwan International Creative Design Competition by implementing elements of 3D printing technology into the competition.

  • 2014

    JUNE 03 - JUNE 07

    Taipei COMPUTEX 2014

    Participated in Taipei COMPUTEX in 2014 at Taipei World Trade Center, Exhibition Hall 3.

  • 2015

    APRIL 29 - MAY 4

    Creative Expo Taiwan 2015

    DCT’s own DC for Life was invited to participate in the 5th Annual Taiwan Cultural Expo at Songshan Cultural Park.

  • 2016


    Road to Expansion

    Complete premium funding; capital reaches NT$80.68 million.

  • 2016

    MARCH 20 - MARCH 21

    Taiwan’s First Metal Additive Manufacturing Center Established

    Introduced two EOS M290, one for IN718 nickel alloy and another for Ti64ELI titanium alloy. Entered into the production of aerospace and medical components fields. DCT became the additive manufacturing supplier with the most highly advanced equipment in Taiwan.

  • 2016

    MARCH 28

    The Installation of EOS P396 and P110

    New purchase of P396 and P110 nylon powder sintering equipment. Introduced PA3200GF nylon plus optic fiber and prime 101 material.

  • 2016


    The Installation of CME ATOMM-4000

    Introduced CMET SLA from Japan, which utilizes transparent liquid resin to validate models creation. Added diversity to our overall services and applications.

  • 2017


    Representing TRUMPF LMD from Germany

    TRUMPF is a world leading laser application technology provider. Their LMD forming platform integrates 3D five axis system, robotic arms, and multiple high wattage laser beams.

  • 2017

    MAY 11

    Taiwan’s first to receive SGS / ISO 13485 metal additive manufacturing certification

    Began to apply for ISO certification in March of 2016, and received our SGS ISO13485 certification on May 11th, 2017. Digital-Can became the first metal additive manufacturing certified supplier in Taiwan. Implemented the use of industry’s highest graded equipment in EOS M290, combined that with Ti64ELI, specific equipment for specific use.

  • 2017

    MAY 25

    Representing SIGMA LABS PRINTRITE 3D

    Became an agent for American SIGMA Labs PrintRite 3D.

  • 2017

    JUNE 22

    Official Signing of Aerospace Additive Manufacturing R&D Center Strategic Alliance Memorandum with NCSIST

    Official Signing of Aerospace Additive Manufacturing R&D Center Strategic Alliance Memorandum with National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology.

  • 2017


    2017 Series of Asia Industrial 4.0 & Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition – Taiwan International 3D Printing Show

    In conjunction with NCSIST,DCT participated in 2017 Asia Industry 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Exhibition- Taiwan International 3D Printing Show, where we presented newly joint developed aerospace metal AM components.

  • 2017

    December 14

    MOU between EGAP & DCT

    DCT forms a strategic alliance with EGAP to establish 3D Printing Central in Aerospace parts production.

  • 2018

    Februauy 16

    Taiwan’s first to receive AS9100 & ISO9001 additive manufacturing certification

    We first began to apply for ISO certification in March of 2016, and received our AS9100 & ISO9001 certification on February 16th, 2018. This allows Digital-Can to become the first certified metal additive manufacturing supplier in Asia. For aerospace parts, we use industry's highest graded equipment in EOS M290, combined that with Inconel 718, Ti64ELI, and 17-4PH, all of which are specific equipment for the special purpose of aerospace parts production.

  • 2018

    March 7

    New home for Metal AM Equipment

    Moved all metal AM equipment to new R&D Centre.

  • 2018

    March 22

    Installation of M290 for Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel exclusive M290 has joined the DCT team to provide our customers with a diverse product line.

  • 2018

    April 20

    DCT Metal additive manufacturing R&D center grand opening

    DCT Metal additive manufacturing R&D center grand opening.

  • 2018


    AIDC Supplier

    Acquired AIDC qualified supplier.

  • 2019



    Coordinate measuring machine moved to DCT Metal additive manufacturing R&D center.

  • 2021

    JANUARY 21


    Passed the Additive Manufacturing technical competence certification of the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology (METAL).

  • 2021

    APRIL 1


    Became an agent for American nTopology, an innovative design tool.

  • 2021

    MAY 31


    Passed the Additive Manufacturing technical competence certification of the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology (PLASTIC).

  • 2021



    TMC (Taiwan Mask Corporation, ) has acquired a majority stake in DCT. TMC is a leading reticle and photomask manufacturing supplier for semiconductor industry, and a public listed company in Taiwan stock exchange.

  • 2021



    We first began to apply for TUV certification in January of 2021, and received our TUV10998 certification on November 17th, 2021. This allows DCT to become the first certified metal additive manufacturing supplier in Asia.

  • 2022



    Taiwan's first AMCM M290 metal additive manufacturing equipment, which allows for the use of CuCP powder.

  • 2023

    MAY 31


    We received our Nadcap welding certification on May 31st, 2023. This allows DCT to become the first certified metal additive manufacturing for special process Welding project in Asia.

  • 2023

    Future Outlook

    DCT will continue its quest to become among the leaders in 3D printing while invest and grow domestically. Beginning 2016 we have initiated plans to acquire AS9100 certification, and received our AS9100 and ISO9001 certification on Feb. 2018. Also we received our TUV10998 certification on Nov. 2021, which should well position us as the alpha dog in aerospace metal AM supplier in Taiwan.