EOS AM System & Materials Agent

We are official agents for Germany’s additive manufacturing company, EOS GmbH Electro Optical Systems. EOS’s Additive Manufacturing facilities are at the fore-front of high-end quality solutions for industrial 3D Printing. Whether its high-grade plastics or metal additive manufacturing, EOS AM Systems can help produce complex and more efficient products.

Not only can we help you with purchasing & setting up your facilities but we can also help supply the materials for your industrial 3D printing needs.


Cost-efficient & High Productivity for Additive Manufacturing.

EOS P500

P 500

EOS P396

Less Energy Consumption & Faster

EOS P770

High productive Laser Sintering System for parts of up to one meter in length


Additive Manufacturing System for processing high performance polymers

EOS M100

Ideal entry level model for industrial 3D printing



EOS M290

Industrial 3D printing of High-Quality Metal Parts

EOS M400

3D Printing of Metal Parts on an Industrial Scale

EOS M400-4

The Ultra-Fast Quad-Laser System with a Large Building Volume

EOS Additive Manufacturing Materials

Apart being agents of EOS’ AM Technology, we are also agents for their high-end additive manufacturing materials ranging from high-grade plastics to additive manufacturing metals.

  • EOS AM Materials: High-Grade Plastics

  • EOS AM Materials: Metal