Apium M220


Apium provides a cost-effective solution to manufacture customized implants

Sterile printing environment

The hot-air filter system analyses the component geometry and adapts the heating power so that an optimum energy input is always achieved. The air flow enclosing the component is filtered in a practically particle-free circuit.

New extrusion technology

Our extruder was developed regarding flexibility and durability. The four times higher feed force compared to the previous model enables a precise material flow. All components in contact with the printing material are made of medically compatible materials: PEEK, titanium, 316L steel and PTFE.

Biocompatible filaments

In cooperation with Evonik, materials and filaments were tested for their biocompatibility and the corresponding tests were successfully completed. This allows medical devices up to Class Ill to be manufactured from PEEK.

Documentation & Safty

Allimportant parameters concerning the printing process are automatically provided in a PDF protocol. The integrated user administration prevents unwanted access. For your data security, we have decided against cloud based solutions.


Integrated calibration routines guarantee consistent component quality. The software automatically informs about incoming maintenance operations and guides step-by-step through the procedures.

Monitored printing process

By integrating a camera system, temperature recording and servomotors, the printing process is continuously monitored. This enables the printer to intervene automatically when deviations occur.

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