Hi-Grade Plastics

EOS P 395

Plastic laser-sintering system for the direct manufacture of series, spare parts, functional prototypes and patterns for investment or vacuum casting

The technology:Laser-sintering, the key to e-Manufacturing

Laser-sintering is well known as the technology of choice for ensuring the quickest route from product idea to market launch. Innovative companies from a broad range of industries are using this technology for e-Manufacturing – the fast, flexible and cost-effective production directly from electronic data for every phase of the product life cycle.

The system:e-Manufacturing for the industrial environment The EOSINT P395 is a highly productive thermoplastics laser sintering system. With this system fully functional plastic parts can be manufactured which are used for product development, in serial production or for spare part production. The system can create parts without the need for support structures. The maximum building height of 620mm enables the construction of larger plastic components without the need for subsequent joining processes. The modular nature of the EOSINT P395 offers great flexibility with regard to functionality and budget.

Video is of EOS P396, but the process of laser sintering for EOS P395 is the same.

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