Apium P220

Special polymers require special processing

High-performance plastics have exceptional mechanical and thermal properties.

However, there are also some challenges when printing these materials.

Best Part Tolerances

  • The patented Adaptive Heating System analyses the printing geometry and adjusts the heating power to achieve always an optimum energy input. Without thermal post-treatment, you get even finer details and compliance with narrow tolerances. Due to the high stiffness and strength, even embossing dies for aluminium and stainless steel sheets can be printed.

New extrusion technology

  • Our extruder was developed with flexibility and robustness in mind. The feed force, which is four times higher than that of the previous model, makes it possible to process fbre-reinforced high-performance polymers with a high percentage of filling. The specially designed filament guide automates the loading process.

Monitored Printing Process

  • By integrating a camera system, temperature recording and the use of servo motors, the printing process is continuously monitored. This allows the printer to intervene independently when deviations occur.

Integrated Software

  • The control software is specially adapted to our printer hardware and optimized for processing high- performance polymers. An intuitive user interface allows easy operation of the printer. You can manage print jobs and check the status of the printer at any time.

Documentation & Safety

  • All the important parameters of a printing process are automatically made available in a PDF protocol. The integrated user management prevents unwanted access. For your data security, we have decided against cloud based solutions.


  • Integrated calibration routines guarantee consistent part quality. The software automatically notifies you of any maintenance work and guides you step-by-step through the procedures.
  • Technical Data

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