Process Control and Quality Assurance Software for Additive Manufacturing

PrintRite3D® Version 7.0

Key New Features of PrintRite3D 7.0

  • Temperature Monitoring and Calibration:
    Now includes a cooling rate enabling classification of crystalline structures and Celsius and Kelvin conversion.
  • Recoater Interaction Detection:
    Provides greater diagnostic accuracy and faster than visual methods.
  • Machine Learning:
    Customizes the detection toolkit by defining anomaly signatures that are unique to user machines, parts and builds scenarios. Alert operators when an occurrence frequency exceeds established thresholds.
  • Predictive Modeling:
    import ‘as-built’ conditions into analysis software to determine the effects of anomalies on part performance; a key step in establishing a “digital twin”.
  • Multi-Laser:
    Gain confidence in large builds by verifying weld integrity and metal quality in areas where lasers interact.
  • User Roles and Log In:
    Control access to sensitive data and maintain traceability of actions for regulatory compliance.
  • Multiple Viewing Modes:
    Statistical charts, 2D Layers, 3D Volume, and now introducing Multi-Axis view enabling XYZ views for advanced analysis of vertical x-sections.

Benefits of PrintRite3D 7.0

Actionable knowledge of what is occurring inside your machine during the build process:

  • Catch show-stopping anomalies early
  • Make fixes-on-the-fly – adjust process parameters to correct errors
  • Terminate unrecoverable builds to conserve consumables and machine time
  • Observe status and quality of all builds running on the production floor

Increased productivity with:

  • Higher throughput
  • Better OEE
  • Improved process consistency
  • Optimization of AM processes to balance productivity with part quality

A significant step toward the promises of Industry 4.0:

  • Machine learning
  • Predictive modeling
  • Automation leading to less reliance on man-in-loop

Reduce risk of part failure:

  • Build quality by design (QBD) into your parts and processes
  • Gain trust in your AM technology
  • Measure quality with proven industry standards

Save costs and time on your parts and production runs:

  • Fewer pre-production trials
  • Eliminate time and money spent on corrective post processes
  • Monitoring real-time reduces reliance on CT