Arm Cast Re-Design

Arm Cast Re-Design

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Industrial 3D printing helps re-design traditional arm cast restrictions.

Traditional casts can be suffocating, heavy, and uncomfortable over a long period of time. We were approached by a customer to help re-design his cast. With our full range of 3D services we were able to help 3D scan, re-design & provide prototypes before reaching an adequate solution to his problems.

Prototype Cast

  1. Using our 3D Scanner (Mantis Prey 3D Scanner) – we grabbed a scan to convert into a 3d model to help with the re-designing process.
  2. With our first prototype, we were able to make the weight of the cast a lot less than traditional methods. In addition, the design allowed the user’s cast to be more breathable.
  3. The material being used, PA 2200 – Nylon Polyamide, is lightweight, flexible and great as a material for medical usage.

Final Cast

  1. Through the prototype, our customer made some adjustments to the cast to gain more support in the wrist area.
  2. In addition with the short turn around time, we were able to customize the cast to the customer’s liking.